Insurance Claim Filing

100% Insurance Rebate

After you purchase your equipment, we will work with you to file your insurance claim on your behalf, regardless of your insurance carrier, to help you get a full reimbursement (up to 100% rebate) on all your eligible purchases.  Because we know what information to include in your insurance claim submission (HCPS codes, invoice, diagnosis codes, etc.) patients have had a high success rate for full reimbursement of their purchases through Activa Medical.*  We will fill out your insurance claim forms and mail them to you for your signature and submission.  Individual insurance policies vary and you may still be responsible for your co-pays and deductibles.

Insurance Reimbursement - General

If you have health insurance you can get reimbursed for the out-of-pocket purchases you make through Activa Medical.  To help our patients use their insurance to their fullest benefit, we are providing these general instructions for filing an insurance claim on your own behalf for CPAP and BiPAP supplies.  Because Activa Medical does not directly bill private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, we pass significant savings along to you - we are able to offer the broadest selection and lowest priced CPAP machines and supplies in the United States.  Sometimes these savings can be as much as 50%-70%!  Additionally, there are many of you out there who do not have insurance coverage or you are dealing with very high deductibles and co-pays, which makes affordability and product choice extremely important. 

Insurance Reimbursement Instructions

  • Contact your insurance company directly to have them give you their specific requirements to submit claims for medical expenses purchased out-of-pocket.
  • When speaking with the representative from your insurance, ask them on what type of form they require you to submit your claim information.  For your convenience a Universal Claim Form (CMS 1500) or as it is called on our site the Health Insurance Claim Form, is widely accepted by insurance providers. 
  • Complete the form required, including the billing and qualifying information used by insurance companies to process claims (see below: HCPCS codes, Diagnosis Codes, and Tax ID numbers).
  • Attach a copy of your invoice from Activa Medical.
  • Submit the claim form and invoice to your insurance company in the method they prefer (most require you mail; some will allow you to fax).
  • Wait for reimbursement. Generally, insurance companies say they can complete claims within 30 business days. Check with your company for their specific turnaround time.

Insurance codes for reimbursement (HCPCS codes)

We supply the required codes for all reimburse-able items on your invoice. You will notice that there is a corresponding code per item.  The codes you need are listed below.

E0601 - CPAP machine purchase
A7034 - CPAP nasal mask
A7032 - CPAP nasal mask cushion
A7030 - CPAP Full Face mask
A7031 - CPAP Full Face mask cushion
A7044 - CPAP Full Oral Interface
A7046 - CPAP Humidifier Chamber
A7037 - CPAP tubing, long and short hoses
A7038 - CPAP disposable filter
A7039 - CPAP foam filter
A7035 - CPAP headgear
A7033 - CPAP nasal pillows
A7036 - CPAP chinstrap
E0561 - CPAP Passover Humidifier
E0562 - CPAP Heated Humidifier
E0470 - BiPAP purchase
E0471 - BiPAP-ST purchase
A4604 - Thermo Smart Tube
K0553 - Oral/Nasal (Hybrid) Mask
K0554 - Oral Cushion for Hybrid Mask
K0555 - Nasal Cushion for Hybrid Mask
E1399 - CPAP Miscellaneous (this code is to be used for any CPAP items covered by your insurance but not listed above).


Physician Diagnosis Code

Insurance companies require you provide a code associated with your specific medical diagnosis. The diagnosis code for Obstructive Sleep Apnea is 327.23. To ensure that you have the correct code for your diagnosis, contact your physician.

We want to help you get all the reimbursement you can from your insurance company for the CPAP machines and supplies you purchase through Activa Medical.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

* Activa Medical does not guarantee insurance company coverage for any patient and does not guarantee or warrant that a patient will be reimbursed.