Do You Sell CPAP Machines and Supplies In Canada?

Do you ship CPAP machines to Canada?

YES!  In fact, we ship more CPAP machines and supplies to Canada than any other country (other than the US).  It's fast, hassle free and very inexpensive.  If you order a CPAP machine, BiPAP, AutoPAP, VPAP machine or CPAP mask, the shipping is free!  Yes, even to Canada!   Depending on your address in Canada, transit time is typically 3-5 days. Shipments to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are typically on the slower end of that 3-5 day time and shipments to Brittish Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are typically on the faster end of that 3-5 days.  All Canada orders are tracked through Canadian Post.  All shipments are clearly labeled "medical supplies" and are tax exempt.

Will you accept a prescription from a doctor in Canada?

Yes. As long as your prescription is from a licensed Canadian physician or qualified healthcare professional, we will accept your CPAP prescription...even if it's written in French!

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