Do I Need A Sleep Study In Order To Buy A CPAP?

Yes and No.
Yes, if you go through a local Durable Medical Equipment company. This is due to insurance company regulations that state that a sleep study has to be completed in order for your insurance company to pay (their portion) for the device and supplies. This can cost anywhere from $200 - $600 in co-pays and even more if you have not met your deductibles. The sleep study then has to be interpreted by a board certified sleep doctor and then you have another doctor visit to talk about your treatment which you will also have co-pays for.  This adds up to four visits (sleep study, titration, two doctor visits), that each require co-pays.  Depending on your insurance requirements and the specialist requirements, this could be $500-$1800 in co-pays alone. 
No, if you purchase your CPAP and supplies on-line through an Authorized Distributor . The only requirement is a prescription from a doctor. Sometimes your doctor does not know what settings to write the prescription for, and would rather prescribe an Auto-Adjusting device, which is fairly common.  This device is called the APAP (auto adjusting positive airway pressure) that does not require a setting, it adjusts with your normal breathing patterns and only costs a few dollars more than the standard CPAP.

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